Raum vervielfachen

Raum soll dreidimensional verwendet werden. „Space must be considered three-dimensionally, in terms of volume and not just area,“ (Smith, p. 6), nicht nur für Lichtverhältnisse, sondern auch um Raum übereinander zu stapeln.

Auch die Zeitdimension lassen Raum erweitern: „Conceptualised as “hinged space,” dwellings can be adapted to suit their occupants’ requirements at different times of the day; this diurnal adaptation allows expansion of living areas during the day, which is then reclaimed by bedrooms at night“ (p. 6).


Smith, Charlie. „Chasing the Grail: Reconciling Priorities to Improve New Housing.“ In AMPS, Architecture_MPS, PARADE, Manchester School of Architecture. Manchester, 2020.

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